Stock Pick 1-28-13 – VMWare – VMW

A second stock pick for 1-28-13 is VMware – VMW. The current price is $98.39.


The past few sessions has seen the stock in a uptrend although a bit down for Monday morning so far. The stock is in a Pennant Bullish Pattern and is looking to breakout to the upside. The range I am looking for is between $102.20 and $106.75 over the next couple of months. This would bring an upside gain of 3.7% to 7.8%. Certainly better gains than a savings account in a bank.

Phase 2 F/E score is very good at 3.38 and the price pattern score is a very respectable 2.25. This certainly signals a good buy at this point.

Over the last 6 months, insiders have purchased a net gain of over 950,000 shares. That is very good to see as the insiders believe in the company to put their own money on the line.