Stock Pick 1-28-13 – Dollar Tree – DLTR

My stock pick for 1-28-13 is Dollar Tree. The current price is $41.25.


The stock is currently in a triangle bullish pattern. It has been in a uptrend the past few sessions and it is looking to breakout. The range I am looking for using my tools on TD Ameritrade is between $43.50 and $47.00 over the next five months. That would be a gain of between 5.2% and 12.3%

The Phase 2 F/E score is excellent right now at 3.38. The price pattern score isn’t exactly where we want to be seeing it down at 1.75 at the moment. However, I think this is a good opportunity to get in.

Several of the directors made stock purchases at market prices at the end of December, so that’s a good sign to see for ongoing prospects for the company.