Update on Stock Picks From 2013

I apologize for not posting for so long. I had every intention of at least posting several times a week, yet life continued to throw curve-balls and kept that from happening. I’m back again though and hope to stay that way for a long time.

I wanted to revisit stock picks that I suggested on this site last year and see how they have been doing since then.

First up was Buckle ($BKE) – On January 22nd, the price was running at $45.26 at the time of my post. During the summer it went as high as $56.32. That would have been good for a 24% gain if sold at the high point. If you continued to hold on all year, you’d be back down to $45.71 currently. You would have earned dividends totaling $2.0059 over that period however. – Grade: A

Next  is VMWare ($VMW) – At the time on January 28th, the price was $98.39. Over the last year it went over a roller-coaster ride. It dropped as low as $64.86 by the time July rolled around. However if you continued to hang on and added to your position, you’d have ridden it back up to a high of $101.52. As of today’s close it was $98.51. So over the span of a year it was break even if you held on. At the high, good for a 3% gain. – Grade: C

Then we have Dollar Tree ($DLTR) – On the 28th of January it was at $41.25 during the time of my writing that day. It dipped a bit down to $38.43 over the next week or so. Then the rest of the year it kept on growing. By the time November rolled around it went as high as $60.19. Since then it’s lost $7. If sold around the high point you’d have looked at a 46% gain. – Grade: A

On February 5th, my pick was Riverbed ($RVBD) – During the time of my post it was $19.76 a share. It quickly went downhill from there and stayed there most of the year. It hit a low of $13.77. So it was down 30% at its worst. In early November it spiked up if you held on getting close to where it was  when i first recommended it. Then it jumped up a bit further and eventually got as high as $21.07 in the past few days. If you held on only you’d have been good for a 6.6% gain at this point. Dollar cost averaging to add to your position, you’d have done a lot better for yourself. – Grade: C

Then February 7th, I recommended Magna International ($MGA) – Their previous close price at that point was $52.96. For a few days it went as low as $50.77. However the rest of the year was phenomenal. It kept heading upward most of the year and went as high as $88.98 as of today. That was good for a 68% gain on the year. Plus you had some dividends along the way as well – Grade: A

February 18th I suggested both Visa ($V) and J.M. Smucker ($SJM) – Visa started off at $157.99. Over the year it grew and then took some breaks along the way. As of the past couple of days, it went as high as $235.50. Plus three sets of dividends payouts as well. If sold at the high, that was good for a 49% gain. – Grade: A

Smucker was at $89.88 at the time of my writing. By mid summer it had grown in price to $114.72 at its high. If you held till now it’s back down to $97.20. There were four dividend payouts during that period. If you sold at the high point, that was good for a 27% gain. Holding on till now would have been only 8%. – Grade: A

The next one was MDC Holdings ($MDC) – On March 1st they were at $38.43. They went as high as $42.41 after a few days. After that, it was nothing but declines, going as low as $27.00 in September. The home-building business just didn’t do very well in that stretch. If you were quick on the trigger, you would have got a 10% gain. However, if you had held on all the way to the bottom, you lost almost 30%. As of today it’s sitting at $31.12. – Grade: F if you held on.

June 12th was my last suggested stock to at least watch, Tesla Motors ($TSLA). On the 12th it was running at $97.73. I said you may want to look for a point on a dip to buy in cause it had a lot of potential. Well after that date, it never got any lower. So, I hope you got in cause it went for quite the ride after that. At the highest point at the end of September, Tesla went all the way to $194.50. You earned yourself a 99% gain if you sold at the high. I personally got out of a large part of my position at that point, but continue to hold the rest for the future growth. As of today it closed at $178.56. Still an 82% gain there. – Grade A

So the final tally was six Grade A large gainers, two at a Grade C that basically broke even and one that fell flat on its face for a Grade F. If you invested a hypothetical $10,000 on each of these stocks and sold at the highs as close as you could, you’d end up with $119,260. On a $90,000 investment total, that’s good for a 32.5% gain. I’d say that was a great year. I hope I can provide a lot more picks for this year and continue to find those Grade A gems.

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